Saturday, 27 August 2011

The boy with the angora shovels

The boy has huge feet. If he were human he'd have cost me a fortune in outgrown shoes. They are sincerely long and as soft as the best quality angora. He is tremendously gentle in how he uses his paws and barely, if ever, scratches because he is so careful. However he is not past using them to their best effect to get in or out of things.

These are a couple of shots which show the size of them. The first one shows the length from his wrist, which he is licking, to the finger tips. Unsurprisingly he is very good at not just playing fetch when you toss a toy for him but is actually scarily good at catching the toy in a single paw. If he gets any better I might just audition him for the Cravendale milk advert as one of the cats with opposable thumbs.

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