Tuesday, 7 September 2010

SAS cat strikes again

Seriously I do despair of Red! He is genuinely the sweetest natured cat I have ever known but he is nonetheless still insane. You recall how I was really pleased that his new house apart for washing...? Well, it seems that the bold boy has already tested this out. He no longer chooses to come and go by the huge space at the front. Oh, no that is far too easy. what he prefers is to shove his face into the small gap where the zip meets under the roof then force the rest of his body through the gap he opens up. Neat, eh!!!

I came through to the living room to find his head poking out from under the roof, seemingly jammed, but when I got closer he did some major wriggling to escape and show me his latest trick. I thought I'd perhaps left the zip open a little when I had been looking at the house so I put it all back together securely. However, later on I found him doing the same thing, so I filmed him using the alternative exit.

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